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Green Key

Your Green Stay – Our Green Solutuion

We strive to do our best when it comes to sustainability. We are aware that we are faced with a situation where we all have a responsibility to make sustainable choices that leave the planet in better condition than when we received it. This means that when you choose to live with us, you also choose to live sustainably.


Our Green Solution

At Hotel Skjern, we have worked actively in recent years to integrate sustainability in our restaurant and in the hotel. We have done this by initiating and implementing a number of new environmentally conscious initiatives, which you can read more about below.


It's not just something we say
It can be difficult to think and act sustainably, without a clear goal and a guideline. That is why we have worked hard to achieve a Green Key certification - and we are proud that we have succeeded.

Green Key is a labeling scheme that can be acquired with the right skills and the right will. It is considered to be tourism's international environmental label, and is awarded only to those tourist companies that make an extraordinary effort to look after our environment.

The certification is awarded when you comply with a wide range of requirements that relate to everything from raw materials to cleaning agents, waste sorting and energy. There are currently only 2,500 tourism companies in 52 countries that can boast of the certification.

In order to maintain the certification, we draw up an action plan every year, which ensures that we constantly try to improve and that we always have a goal to pursue.

Read more about how we concretely work with sustainability in relation to Green Key.


Increased focus on resources
We have established our own environmental policy, which ensures us and you that we are always moving in the right direction. Our environmental policy includes an increased focus on the use of resources, reduced water consumption and reduced transport.

The latter is one of the biggest scapegoats when it comes to CO2 emissions. That is why we shop locally when possible. In addition to the fact that in this way we contribute to reducing the CO2 emissions associated with transport, it ensures the quality and freshness of the raw materials we can offer you.
When working with restaurant and hotel operations, large amounts of water are used, and we would like to do something about that. We have already tried with a number of different initiatives to reduce our water consumption, e.g. by using dried flowers instead of fresh flowers and installing sensors for the tap. But we want more.

Therefore, we have set ourselves the goal of further reducing our water use and utilizing waste water associated with our restaurant and our function rooms.

In addition, we have chosen to focus on some of the resources that our operation generates too much of. This includes e.g. surplus food and packaging in connection with product delivery. To meet these, here at Hotel Skjern we try to reduce our food waste to an absolute minimum and implemented a comprehensive waste sorting policy. This enables us to sort our waste into a total of 11 categories – and you can join in!

We have also made sure to install a waste sorting system in all hallways, so you can also sort when you are visiting - but don't worry, the waste sorting is not as extensive as ours in the kitchen.

If you are interested in hearing more about our work with local raw materials, water consumption and waste sorting, you are welcome to ask us when you meet us during your stay.


People are important to us
It is extremely important to us that our workplace is a good place to be for our employees, and we want to provide everyone with good working conditions. We are convinced that happy employees give you a better guest experience - regardless of whether it is just for a single night or a single visit to our restaurant. Our employees are our most important resource, which is why we have also established a good and healthy working environment policy that ensures open dialogue and proper working conditions.

At the same time, we believe that everyone can contribute and that we can learn from each other. This means that there are always trainee chefs employed in the kitchen, and when we here at the hotel encounter problems that require skills we do not possess, we are happy to hire flexi-jobbers who can contribute to the solution.