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Events at Hotel Skjern

Throughout the year, Hotel Skjern hosts a wide range of activities and events – sometimes in collaboration with our many exciting business partners. For example, we offer hotel packages that include visits to Stauning Whisky, fish evenings in our restaurant featuring the finest sea produce – and wine tasting under the watchful gaze of wine experts – or in the company of your own employees. So remember to check our calendar to see if there is anything you find tempting...


Christmas offer

FROM 27/11 - 23/12

Danish donuts / 30,-
3 pieces with jam and powdered sugar

Traditional Danish Mulled wine / 35, -



New Year´s Menu



Puffed pork rind - Skjern ham with herbs - wild wraps

Rimmede scallops
Smoked cheese - crisp rye bread - herbs

mushroom soup
The meatballs of game - bread with fermented potato

Braised veal tenderloin from Himmerland
Potato / Jerusalem artichoke pommes anna - berries cloud - symbiosis of asking and roots

Table Bomb
Gold Barre - herbal ice - tart meringue - salt caramel

Price per person / 349, -



Unique cheeses / 50 -
Red Runner - Old Crunch - sweet - brittle

Cake / 25 -

Vinpakke / 400, -
Four good bottles for food


Picked up at the Hotel Skjern the 31/12 between the hours. 12 and 15.
The menus handed out cold, packed in disposable packaging. Detailed instructions with photos included.
Order by 29 December info@hotelskjern.dk / +45 97351311